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alexander arms

Alexander Arms

In their very early years, Alexander Arms had Hawk make custom bullets in a variety of weights. These custom bullets would become the groundwork for all the load development of the .50 Beowulf and help establish the cartridge's capabilities. The 400 grain Hawk with a .035" jacket has been a devastating hunting bullet proving itself year after year.


black butterfly ammunition

Black Butterfly Ammunition

It's difficult to mention the .458 Socom without speaking about the ammunition from Black Butterfly. Black Butterfly Ammunition has put more effort into the development of .458 Socom ammo than any other firm. In a joint effort, Hawk and Black Butterfly have worked together on a custom bullet profile and weights. The devastating 600 grain sub-sonic came out of this research and has been a mainstay.


bandit bullets

Aria Ballistic Engineering

This company is on the cutting edge of ammunition development and uses Hawk bullets made to their custom specifications for a variety of cartridges.


The Wildey Pistol

wildey pistol

When selecting a handgun for hunting, it is important to consider one that will handle hotter loads and still be comfortable to handle. The Wildey pistol’s action features a three lug, enclosed face rotary bolt that easily handles high pressure loads. The patented gas operation may be adjusted for different loads. This lets a shooter switch from the lightest to the heaviest bullet and not notice much difference in felt recoil. It also aids in accuracy, letting the shooter handle longer shots from such high handgun velocities. The gun is offered in 44 Auto Mag, 45 Winchester Magnum and four Wildey cartridges (41 Wildey Mag., 44 Wildey Mag., 45 Wildey Mag., and the 475 Wildey Mag.) The .475 Wildey Magnum is the mainstay, using our bullets, it has more retained energy at 100 yards than a 44 Magnum does at the muzzle. The .475 Wildey Magnum case is necked down to make the other Wildey calibers and they are ballistically impressive (see chart). Interchangeable barrel assemblies are available in 5", 6", 7", 8", 10", 12", and 14" lengths and/or the five different calibers as they all fit the same frame. I had the opportunity to shoot the .475 Wildey Magnum and feared my small grip would not be able to control the monster. After several shots, I knew it would only take a couple afternoons of shooting to become rather proficient. It was what I consider, a "fun" gun to shoot.

We have always offered our Precision bullets for .475 caliber handguns. We added the auto design nose just for the Wildey and the selection of bullets has since grown to 8, including our new full metal jacket. Our clients have used the Wildeys on boar, elk, black bear, deer, moose, and to finish off a brown bear. In all cases, the hunters were delighted with the performance of the Wildey/Hawk combination. For more information on the Wildey handguns contact Wildey F.A., Inc.

Caliber Bullet Velocity (feet per second)
45 Win. Mag. 230 FMJ 1829
41 Wil. Mag. 220 HP 1793
44 Wil. Mag. 200 HP 2083
45 Wil. Mag. 250 HP 1730
475 Wil. Mag. 265 FPA 1872
475 Wil. Mag. 300 FPA 1610
* with 12 inch barrel


Our bullet selection for Wildey Pistols can be found on our Handgun Bullet Selection page.

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