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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Note: Prices do not include shipping and are subject to change without notice. However, if prices do change, we will honor prices prevailing at the time you placed your order. All orders must me pre-paid. No C.O.D.’s or open accounts, please.
Notice: Since ammunition reloading practices are beyond our control, Hawk, Inc. disclaims all liability for damages which may result from reloading or use of ammunition reloaded with our bullets.
Availability: We carry a large inventory at all times and make every effort to ship all orders in a timely manner. Nevertheless, we normally will have some out-of-stock selections creating a back log on a particular item/items from time to time, especially during hunting seasons. If you have a particular need, please let us know well in advance of the time you need it.
Cannelure: If you need a cannelure for a particular application, please let us know where the cannelure is to be placed on the bullet. Additional charge for this service is $3.00. (For an alternative to using a cannelure, consider using the Lee Factory Crimp Die that does not require a cannelure to crimp and hold a bullet firmly.)
Guarantee: Bullets are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship. We do not guarantee how they will perform in your particular firearm. Any returns or exchanges must be pre-authorized.


Reduce beginning loads by 10%. Hawk bullets are different. Our soft jackets do seal the bore more completely and require less powder to produce normal pressures. Each rifle is an individual case, so always approach maximum loads with care.

Slug your bore. When loading for old American-made or any English or European rifle, particularly 9.3mm, .360, .350, or 43 Spanish calibers, it is very important that you carefully measure the bore with a lead slug and match the bullet diameter to the actual bore size. Numerous rifles chambered and marked for 9.3mm or .360 cartridges actually have .35 caliber bores and should use .358 diameter bullets. Many 43 Spanish require .435 diameter bullets instead of .439. Bullets up to .003 undersize usually work fine. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, any capable gunsmith can help.

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SPECIAL RATE SHIPPING for postal addresses. We gladly use the flat rate Priority boxes and ship it to any US address. Many boxes of bullets can ship fast for very little. Three boxes of the smaller bullets can ship for just $10.50. A medium flat rate box is just $17.00 and holds up to 17 boxes. Customer savings have been substantial to say the least. E-mail us a list of the selection you desire and we will find the best rates available to you.

We only ship to US destinations.

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Simply E-mail your selections to order@hawkbullets.com. We will verify inventory and shipping cost. This total will be invoiced to you via Paypal. When you pay the invoice, your items are on the way.

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